How do we attract youth to volunteer?

Attracting youth to volunteer is essential for fostering a culture of service and ensuring the sustainability of community initiatives. Here are several strategies to effectively engage and motivate young people to get involved in volunteering:

1. Highlight the Benefits

Personal Growth

Emphasize the personal growth opportunities that come with volunteering, such as developing leadership skills, gaining valuable experience, and improving communication abilities.

Career Development

Show how volunteering can enhance their resumes and provide real-world experience that can be beneficial for college applications or job searches.

Social Connections

Promote the social aspects of volunteering, including making new friends, networking with professionals, and becoming part of a community.

2. Make It Fun and Engaging

Interactive Activities

Design volunteer opportunities that are interactive and enjoyable. Hands-on activities, team projects, and creative tasks can make the experience more appealing.

Social Events

Incorporate social events and gatherings where volunteers can relax, have fun, and build camaraderie.

3. Use Digital Platforms

Social Media

Leverage social media platforms to reach young people where they spend a lot of their time. Share engaging content, success stories, and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Online Portals

Create an easy-to-navigate online portal where youths can sign up for volunteer opportunities, track their hours, and connect with other volunteers.

4. Offer Flexible Opportunities

Short-Term Projects

Provide short-term or one-time volunteer opportunities that require a minimal time commitment. This is particularly appealing to busy students.

Flexible Schedules

Offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the varied and often busy schedules of young people.

5. Provide Incentives


Implement recognition programs, such as certificates, awards, or public acknowledgments, to celebrate the contributions of young volunteers.


Offer tangible rewards like free event tickets, merchandise, or vouchers for local businesses.

6. Partner with Schools and Universities

Service-Learning Programs

Collaborate with schools to integrate volunteering into service-learning programs, where students can earn credit for their volunteer work.

Campus Outreach

Conduct outreach programs and presentations at schools and universities to inform students about the benefits and opportunities of volunteering.

7. Create Meaningful Roles

Skill-Based Roles

Assign roles that align with the volunteers' skills and interests. For example, a student interested in graphic design could help with creating promotional materials.

Leadership Opportunities

Offer leadership roles or opportunities for young volunteers to take on more responsibility and lead projects.

8. Communicate Impact

Share Success Stories

Regularly share stories and testimonials from other youth volunteers who have made a significant impact. Highlight how their efforts have benefited the community and themselves.

Demonstrate Impact

Show tangible results of the volunteers’ work, such as improvements in community facilities, successful events, or positive changes in the lives of those they’ve helped.

9. Foster a Supportive Environment

Mentorship Programs

Pair young volunteers with experienced mentors who can guide and support them throughout their volunteering journey.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Create an inclusive and welcoming environment where young people feel valued and appreciated.


Attracting youth to volunteer requires a combination of clear communication, appealing opportunities, and recognition of their contributions. By emphasizing the benefits, making the experience enjoyable, and providing flexible and meaningful roles, organizations can effectively engage young people in volunteerism. Not for profit sports organizations Encouraging youth to volunteer not only enriches their lives but also strengthens the community as a whole. If you’re looking to inspire young people to get involved, consider partnering with organizations likeSports for Amateur Athletes to create impactful and engaging volunteer opportunities.